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tension straps

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what will happen if my straps are to tight ?and what will happen when they are to loose? when i look at my sled on a flat surface it looks like the rear end of the track is off the ground i thnink resulting in the rear end slididding around on me. when i tighten the straps the rear end seems to come down falt on the ground and i would like to try to tighten a little more but im not sure what else i doing by tighting . HELP!!!! I AM LEAVING FOR GRAND MARAIS MI IN TWO DAYS!!!!!!! THEY HAVE SNOW AND IT IS SNOWING THERE ALL WEEK !!!! you know how it is i want my sled to be at peak performance for my week with the boy up north!!!!!!!!!!!!

bitten by the viper and never felt so good
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Tight limiter straps=more ski pressure and less weight transfer to the track which could cuase loose rearend
loose straps=less ski pressure and more wieght on the track great for powder riding but can give you a bad push in the turns on the trail.

I'm no expert but I'd say you want to tighten
the front straps a bit and put your rears back where they were.I would think the rear
adjustment would pull the rearend down thus giving you less travel.Pulling the front straps up will also give you more even hyfax wear because you wiil be taking some of the pressure off the front of the track.I did this and mine wear really even.

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thank you vmaxyam (fellow yami man) is there anyway to tell if your right in the middle (without riding it) ????and when you say push your talking meet mister oaktree arnt ya. ??? I SHOULD HAVE NEVER MESSED WITH IT !!!!! im good like that messing with things i really dont know much about and try to fix it with help from all of you......

bitten by the viper and never felt so good
the purpose of limiter straps is to direct ski pressure. if you are planning to drag race, yank em off- but if you want to turn, leave em on. if you have an owner's manual, look in it. my manual explains what they do and how to adjust them, but that's polaris, i don't know what yami does.

When in doubt- Throttle out!

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thats one of the biggest problem my 160 lbs. newfoundland ate my owners manual,goggles,toolkit and hat when i had my back turned on him for about 2 sec.

bitten by the viper and never felt so good
hahahahhaha, good thing i have a 20 lb beagle

When in doubt- Throttle out!

'99 XC SP 500
I have a question, if I take my limiter straps off, jump with them, climb with them, and ride the trails with them (constantly ride with them off), my dad told me it tears up the tunnel, and may do other damage, is this true?

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I wouldn't take them off completely. You need them or else all the weight of the suspension upon rebound is put on the shock (fully extended)! At least on Polaris. Personally, i think it will cause damage in the long run, especially if you do alot of jumping. Loosen or tighten, but don't take them off. Grass drags sometimes use a short chain on modified sleds to help control wieght transfer. Good luck.

FYI: i am talking about the front limiter strap only.

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When the straps are removed, you have a much higher change of putting a hole though your track. Iv dont this twice. It gets really expincive to repair when you blow 2 tracks a year out.

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Hey Sirroxen,

If you like play in the pow pow and climb hills let em out all the way and just forget that they are even there. We did this to both of my sleds, and both of my dads sleds and 4 handled better in deep stuff.

I need spellcheck!

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Hey Yamamonster!

Your dog weighs nearly as much as I do!! Incedentally, I live in the provice which is your dog's namesake. Newfoundland. They're beautiful dogs. Sorry for the off-topic comments!

I'm letting my limiter strap out tonight cuz my machine bogs in power seriously and it's a bit too heavy on it's ski's. Let you know how it turns out!
Hey Yamomonster,

Yes i was talking about Mr. Oak Tree. But if you have have big carbides up front I would not be to concered with it. Take it out in a OPEN field and just get the feel you want it's all personal pref. I thought that was the point "messing with things" If we didnt you really couldn't call us sled heads, could you?

Well, I've let my strap out. Then had to tighten the track again .. go figger. LOTS more traction. My little 377 will even pull the skis off the snow now!! Never did that b4.

Hope you get your settings ironed out!
ok i relaxed the straps , and also had to tighten the track and it road like a champ. no more rear end slidding around and alot better out of the hole . thank for the help guys just got back from grand marais mi. and had a great trip put on 625 miles in three days and it was all smooth riding .

bitten by the viper and never felt so good
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