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testing a CDI

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Does anyone have an idea as to where I can find schematics for Arctic Cat CDI systems? In particular the 1981 eltigre 5000 fc. I know she is old, but I like the machine and am getting no spark. The primary coils are good and the Headlight is lighting when I pull it over, but no spark. I suspect my CDI box, but am unwilling to buy a new one in case that's not the problem. Any help on schematics or testing procedures would be appreciated.
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ok now my real opinion go out and buy a new one. Some dealers may be able to test it for you but I say get a new one test it if it still doesn't work just take it back. We had a CDI problem got a new one tested it found that the new one was the same as the old one and just returned it.
You should have a black single wire coming out of the CDI. Disconnect that and see if you get spark. If so, your kill switch(es) are to blame. Also, check the wires from your magneto. They could be grounding out. You should have seperate coils for the lighting and the spark.
Take it to a dealer and let them test it for 5 bucks

Need some darn snow people.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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