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The first seasons five hour ride! WOW!

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We got around 8 to 10 inches of snow last week. I was finally able to take my XC 800 out for a long ride. We had four of us. A Ski-Doo, A Cat and two Polaris's. We spend five hours jump'in and scream'in. We had some striaght-aways where we hit 95 MPH and had throttle left over before we had to stop. Of course not everyone could cruise at that speed, but I let them catch up. Actually the Polaris triple kept up pretty good. The Doo has some serious torque but the balance wasn't quite there. The Cat flew pretty nice but didn't have the speed. Low end torque was great, but top end was lacking a bit. My 800 is missing some bottom end torque and is heavy in the steering, but makes up for it in the middle and top end. Overall, an outstanding day. I am sore all over and enjoyed every minute of it. Here is me, praying for more snow. See you all on the trails and hills.

Live to Ride! - FrozenSmile
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Just curious what years and models the other sleds were? Sounds like fun!

2002 Arctic Cat ZR 800 EFI

founding member of the Arctic Cat Mind Control will believe!!
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