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The good, the bad, and the ugly

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Got a good 6" of snow last night so I got a chance to try the sled.
The good was that it started right up and I after my friend broke some trail with his sled I could follow where he had been.
The bad is the skis, one has the bottom almost totally broken out. The spare that came with the sled doesn't fit it. Or if it does I don't see how. I ordered a pair of new ones yesterday, until they come in this isn't the trail breaker, thats for sure.
The broken refers to the sled now. I took it out for a loop up the trail and wound it out pretty good to blow the crap out of it and suck in some of the new gas. I came back, shut it down and added new gas. Then restarted so I could take my wife for a loop. Got it turned around to head back out and just as she got on it quit.
Then I couldn't get it restarted a couple one second pluts, but that was it.
Got gas at the carb, got good strong spark. Put in the new plugs I bought yesterday, same thing. I'm on call this weekend and got paged. So I left it for maybe 20min, hoping it would work out whatever was wrong with it. No good.
I'm thinking it may have been running a bit rich today. When I first started it it wouldn't wind up enough to engage the clutch good, I had to let it warm up a few minutes before it would go at all. Then it did the same thing for a second right after refueling. I'm going to order the service manual tomorrow. Theres a place in Vermont that sells compilation manuals for not too much money.

If anybody had any ideas I'd appreciate it.
Oh, this is a '74 Ski Doo, TNT 340, electric start.
When I started it thursday to take it off the truck all it needed was a couple quick hits on the primer and then VARROOM!
Same for yesterday, and this morning, but not after it had run.
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hmmm....usually they start after they sit for awhile...i dunno, sounds weird to me.

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Check to be sure that your carb floats are not stuck, also if your engine has reeds, check the condition of those. Also this may sound kinda way off, but make sure that your exaust isn't plugged with a mouse nest or somthing similar.

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I've wondered about the carb. They guy I bought it from said he had rebuilt the carb, but you can't ever know. It does spit some gas if I crank it for awhile.
I'm thinking points and condensor. Maybe I'm getting spark, but at the wrong time?
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