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well... when I'm racing on grass, I'm constantly beating the snot out of the sled on the stands to get her warmed up. today she got her revenge and beat the snot outa me.

comeing up the field on the SRX, I saw a long high drift row (6-8' high) and I'm thinking "ok, I can't NOT jump that" so down the row I go

second last jump, I overshoot, and flatland halfway up the next drift, sent me over the bars hard. tether cord didn't come out, it pulled the glove off my hand (not so usefull) but my leg hit the killswitch on the way over. unfortunatly, it hit it hard enough that I'm gonna be limping for awhile : (

but... it was ALOT of fun, and anyone who says an SRX is to heavy to ditchbang like that is full of it, that was some of the most fun I've ever had.
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