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So its Fall up here in Maine and every one and there cousin is thinking of Winter and cant wait, Neither can I! One problem I snowboard and snowmobile but unfortunitly my snowmobile broke down :( last season I was driving home from a day of ice fishing and site seeing on the mountains, Great day right? No. It just stopped wont even idle almost 100 yards from the house. Had to get dragged in by my gramp luckily he saved the day :) It is an old sled an 89 arctic cat jaguar 600. But now I feel bad because my gramp is trying to scrape up cash for another and is not doing so good with that so i told him forget it ill go with out. I was watching youtube video trying to get the edge off my snowmobile craving and came to the thought. "Alot of these people have nice snowmobiles that work fine but theyre just destroying them or have no common sense at all and shouldnt deserve a sled" i found some videos to back up what im saying.
Just copy and paste then go btu please read what i wrote under it after to see if you are thinking the same thing.
In the video they do say that its not a real driver they switched it to a test dummy or somthing and tapped the throttle down you can tell because its still going when it lands but who would just drive a perfectly fine snowmobile into a ditch like that.
I dont think they noticed the 15 foot trees in front of them when they check that out. Why do they deserve a snowmobile when they dont even watch out for there saftey nevermind the safety for others.
So he doesn't even know how to properly jump a sled on his 1 foot man made ramp, then he screams "YEA!" after crashing? I dont even want to know what he does on nature made jumps and hills.
Uhm? I dont even know, jumping a 400 to 500 pound machine not counting your weight so thats probably 500 to 600 pounds on a pond. You could go threw you know? I see no reason why they deserve a sled when they lack common sense.
So this kid has no common sense, really I understand hes young and wants to ride but look both ways. Its obvious, he could have died the lady could have hit ice when she tryed swirving out of the way and hit one of those nearby trees and died, then the kid just drives half way out in a field before checking if shes ok.

Alright so every one of these people dont deserve a snowmobile and abuse theyre privilage. I think how could soem one do that stuff to that sled? Id deserve it but nothing i can do. my parents wont even buy me a snowmobile. they bought me a xbox 360 and a laptop i use the xbox maybe once every few months to watch a movie thats all and i already have a computer so why do i need a laptop? the xbox and laptop together is around 800-900 bucks. they wont let me sell them to buy my own sled though. im really mad that i cant snowmobile this winter and hate it. im only 16 and my snowboard instructor job only is 7.50 an hour and that all goes towards gas. i think if some one wants to destroy there sled or not know how to drive one but do jumps any ways give it to me itll be used much better :) to bad they already destroyed the sleds thought :( thanks for reading it quite a bit to read and alot more to write. any one feel the same way? id like to hear it :)
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