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I bought "The Thing" a few weeks ago and finally got around to putting it on. Al at "The Sled Shed" in Revelstoke, BC designs, builds, and tests them. The theory behind it is very interesting, when Al explains it.

His website states:
What the "Thing" does is it keeps the main exhaust pipe running at a constant pressure regardless of elevation or temperature. What this means is that we are able to mantain a constant vacuum in the pipe. This assists dramatically in the ability of the motor to get more fuel above the piston to be fired.

We manipulate sound waves to achieve this process and there by use the spent exhaust sound waves to assist in maintaing peak performance and power no matter where you sled.
Dyno results are showing an increase of 6hp with the 900's stock pipe, and +10hp with the VF3's installed. Best part is that this increase sticks around at 7000'. Lots of guys used them last year and all first hand reports I got were excellent. Sounds goooood too!

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