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thinking of getting my shocks revalved any comment

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i know that all sled manaf. set there sleds up for the average person. well in 6'4 275 lbs and i am thinking of getting my shocks a little stiffer is this a waste of money ??? any comments would be helpfull(unless there about my weight)

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Yeah at your size that might not be a bad idea....although I thought for that they just changed spring rates

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Brother big man,

Your prolly gonna need to get new/stiffer springs to go along with your shocks if you ride aggressively. I doubt that just the shocks are gonna make much difference. I'm 6-2 215 and I don't think that I have a sled that couldn't use stiffer springs if I wanted to get them set up perfectly.

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I've got to agree with the other others. Stiffer springs are a must when getting an upgrade in your shocks. However, I don't know if you have "dial-a- shocks" but some shocks can be set to heavy aggressive riding or nice smooth trails. I am 220 and all I did was tighten my shocks up a bit. I probably could use some stiffer springs, but my 800XC is already set up a tad stiff.

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When I got my 97zr I weighed 170, it was a great riding sled. I quit smoking and ballooned to 230lbs. The sled rode like crap. I put the fat-boy springs in and revalved the shocks, and it was like an instant diet. the sled acts like I weigh 170 again and I can keep eatin' KFC's Big Bucket O Skin.....LOL

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I had a little bit of trouble with the front forks on my YZ250, in that weighing in at 240 the front end was more than a little spongy for me. But to save some bucks instead of revalving and changing the springs out I just ran a heavier oil.

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