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This weekend

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Hello fellow Canadians, Want to commute to find snow on Sat. Thinking about the Owen sound Area. Any body from the area ? please let me know if theres some decent riding to be found.
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Not sure where Owen Sound is. I know where Newman Sound is, and I'll be there this weekend skidooing my a$$ off!! We got great snowmobiling down here in Newfoundland since early January!
hotrod...don't know about the snow there? I know that north of Algonquin Park there's about 1 1/2 inches. Not quite enough. Big storm coning in to the area on Thursday. Possible a foot. I'm in the Trenton Area. Where are you? I'm getting a ride together for Feb. 23rd. Pembroke to N. Bay, over to Quebec and back to Pembroke, 4 days.15 - 20 guys so far.

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SafariDlx: oops, sorry. I should have said Ontario. Thanks for the reply anyways.
mrpolaris18: sounds like an awsome trip. Wish I could go. I'm from southern Ontario, Brantford area.
Brantford.....not far from. Sounds like you have avout as much snow as we do. (1 hr. east of T.O.) Like I said though, big storm coming tomorrow. Get ready. Go to and check weather. It'll lisy any town you want for updates. Also I think I have a link for a snowmobile club up in that area. I'll check right now and let you know. Mark
The ofsc has a site that tells you trail conditions all over Ontario, but it's updated by protective club members. They say the trails are closed but alot of times they're very ridable. Thanks for the reply.
Go to it gives you trail cinditions, weather, maps....etc. for many clubs and organizations for all over Ontario. Check it out. Mark
checked it out ,good site to know about,thanks.
I just got back from the Parry Sound ONT area. Conditions were ok,got to get out at least. Should get a lot better by the weekend as southern ONT is to expect 20cm by tomorrow afternoon. and they alway's get lake effect at night there.

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