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throttle cable

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does any1 have a 1970's arctic cat? preferably a 1974 panther, my throttle cable broke and it is a messed up set up. there is a cable bout 4 inches long from the lever to another deal that it pulls, the real cable goin to the carb, hooks on the other side. the cable from the lever to the deal is busted

damn....i dont even get what i just wrote..oh well....

if any1 has a old cat w/ a throttle cable setup that sounds like this, or any1 that can help me...please do

if i dont get some help on how to replace this or fix, im just gonna have to "****** rig" sumptin up

(for those who may be offended by my language "****** rig" no offense, its just a term i use to fix sumptin up so it works but it aint how its sposed to be)

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HAAHAA... LOL f*uckin hilarious. how about you be a lil inventive and go to your local hardware store and get some cable and some cable ends and try to no ****** rig it... LOL F*uckin funny

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Sorry dude, just checked my parts catalog and it only shows A/C Panther back to 76 but the Royal Distributing in Canada shows it as part number 05-138-23 for $15.95 CDN if you want to try that. 1-800-265-2970

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what was the funny part B2SO? the ****** rig part? 15 bucks canadien...whats that....bout $3 american..haha..j/k, that must be bout $ american. not bad for the kind of part it is. ya, dennis kirk only goes back the 76 i think, it is deffiantly a weird setup they got goin, u gotta see

Think Snow...hell...might as well think lots of snow!
dennis kirk only lists back to 76, thats right, but they make a universal, as long as your machine is not oil injected, you can look it up online at
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