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Throttle lever

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My wife has a 96 XLT. She has small hands:) She is having a hard time with the throttle lever, basically the only the tips of her fingers are on the bar and not much of her thumb on the lever. I installed an ez throttle, but, that isn't much better. Anybody have any ideas to where I could start the lever closer to the bar?
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If your inclined you could make on out of metal. It wouldn't be the easiest thing to do. You might be able to lengthen the throttle cable to bring the flipper closer to the bar,but you would have to do something to keep the flipper from flopping all the way back out to its original position.Of course you will lose top end doing this. Will that be a problem? You could experiment with a twist throttle. Depending on your carb set up. Doesn't that sled have three carbs? Motion Pro is a good source for twist throttles for motorcycles and they build cables for A.C., and I'm sure they've got something that should possibly work. Let me know your thoughts and ideas as I have a friend with a disability, and he could use some alternative also...LATER

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My freind has a twist grip on his MXZ800. It took some getting used to for our style of riding. But if shes into casual riding I think she would love it. Not sure if you can heat them though. Someone here should know.
I think maybe you should install a lever throttle. It should be easy to put on and it will be just like the brake lever. PLus you don't have to take off the thumb lever!!!!

Hope I helped!!!!!!

Cut the tip of the thumb throttle off then heat up the tip enough to mend the shape of her thumb "use a glove" to the lever, file edges. Then adjust cables on top of the carbs. and synchronize so you will have your full throttle back.
i wouldn't recommend making a whole new lever, or messing with the attachment points either. the 'play' the lever has is so it won't freeze wide open if you crack it with ice or snow built up on it.

i also don't get that

There's no stopping Arctic Cat........ REALLY!!

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I must confess that I have the same problem myself when riding my XC 700. Polaris is notorious for a long reach to the throttle. I bought a wrist support or "thumb thing" as they are called. The added support around my wrist and thumb reduces fatigue a lot. I get a lot of crap from my buddies ("Are we bowling or what?") but it definitely helps. For about $20 or so it's worth a try.

The older polaris throttles did stink, I would either put the EZ throttle assembly on it, or put just a new thumb off of the edge sleds. You can get the EDGE thumb without a warmer pad for like $8 to try it out, it will hook right up no problem. The heated EDGE thumb is like $34 and will plug right in. The EDGE thumb is much more tapered and is more comfortable, I put it on my '98 XC6.

The EZ throttle kit should work too, I believe it comes with the whole throttle block assembly. Just take off your hand grip and slide the new one on.

If you can, have her try a sled that has both systems, and pick the one that is best for her.
I have the EZ throttle on now. Thanks gfor the info on the edge. I'll be taking a look at that. I need to do something, she doesn't even like to ride anymore because of this. Thanks,

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