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tired of waiting for snow!

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im so tired of waiting for snow, everytime the weaterman predicts it, it seems to never come, so on saturday i decided to do some grass runs. WOW, my 93 xlt 580 sp is ballzy as hell! first time i pinched the throttle, it about threw me off the back of the sled! But know that i rode it through the yard, im itchin for snow really bad, must have snow!
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We got snow, about a whole inch. How useless is that, then a huge wind to blow it away. Stupid weather.

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Yeah, Polaris-Man, youre lucky! you got more than i did...i prolly got a whole .01 of an inch, and it is just about gone right now! and its only 1:30pm! Jeepers! When is there gonna be any substantial snow cover? sometime soon, i hope!

It's not fair to give only a tiny bit, weatherman, gotta have more now!
all i want is snow

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we didn't get much in either, about 2", not quite the 6-12 that was forcasted, but i tried out my new sled anyways, now i have an itch i can't reach...

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I guess a big factor is the temperature. The ground is not frozen so even the little snow that we get will melt right away. Just the other day here in Ohio I woke up to see huge flakes falling and saw it starting to pile up on the ground. The only problem is that even though it was below freezing out side, the ground was still soft so in less than an hour all of the snow that fell, melted away. If only the temperature would fall and stay below freezing, any snow that falls would stay. Scott

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we got a little tired of waiting here in michigan too.sooooooooo.... saturday we ran some grass drags. oh man i want snow now even more i think i just made things worse.

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Aww come on, you guys don't have it SO bad.Where I am here in ny, we very seldom get enough snow to ride untill after new years.Soon I'll have to listen to most of you talking about how much fun you're having, while I'm still waiting for snow!

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We got snow in the Mountains here in WA.

I rode yesterday! at least a foot of fresh stuff up there not much of a base se we were a littl careful but damn it was sweet to get out there!

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