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To pipe or not to pipe?

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I recently picked up A 97 Mountain Max and I was wondering what other Yamynuts thought about piping my new lover. And also what do you think about skiis...steel or plastic?

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piping- more power+ more sound in some cases

skis- plastic plastic plastic plastic plastic- steel sucks. if nothin else, at least go with ski skins

When in doubt- Throttle out!

'99 XC SP 500
<BLOCKQUOTE id=quote><font size=1 face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" id=quote>quote:<hr height=1 noshade id=quote>Originally posted by xc racer:

piping- more power+ more sound in some cases

skis- plastic plastic plastic plastic plastic- steel sucks. if nothin else, at least go with ski skins

When in doubt- Throttle out!

'99 XC SP 500

Couldn't say it any better......

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I preferr the sound of a stock sled over a piped one.....just my opinion

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i recently rode with two guys- one with a stock zr 800 and one with a piped zr 800. the piped wasn't any louder, just deeper with a little more rumble. they both sounded good to me. it all comes down to personal preferance.

When in doubt- Throttle out!

'99 XC SP 500
pipe it and plastic !!!!!!!! so just what the other guys said .

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Gotta go Piped & Plastic.
Personally I would put a clutch kit in before spending the big $$$ on a pipe.
plastic skis kick a$$!! they are alot lighter, i want to pipe mine but dont have the cash yet.
Make sure you can get the sled hooked up first. Spend money on studs first or you will only end up spinning the track faster. There are alot of ways to pick up speed without spending big money on pipes. Try blueprinting the chasis first. You would be amazed how much more efficient the driveline will be when all of it's components are properly aligned. If you do decide to buy pipes remember.. all pipes are not create equal. Research pipes thourghly before buying. Dynotech is a very good source.
Yeah, piping does give you a great power increase, also in some cases better sound. You can get your "trail" pipes or your "high performance" pipes. The trail pipes are usually quiet. Also it dependes of what you have for a silencer/can. On my 92 xcr i've got the glasspack style silncer, and boy are those a great add on if you love the screamin. The most important thing to think about is your motor in the long run. Pipes can make an engine work alot harder, which your "high mileage" problems like your crank going, happen earlier, which is what happened to me. But definetly, the are worth it.............AS LONG AS YOUR NEIGHBORS DONT MIND THAT LOUD SCREAMING US SLEDDERS THRIVE FOR!

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if you do pipe it, get quiet pipes. not only because of what your neighbors think, but because of what everyone who you ride with think. most importantly because that is a big 'problem' with snowmobiles environmentalists are targeting, only hurting our sport. who cares what the sled sounds like if you have nowhere to ride it. :)

When in doubt- Throttle out!

'99 XC SP 500
Call me silly, but, I'm not sure what a Red Blade is? You threw me when you said "Yammynuts". I know what the "Blade" is from Fast. Same thing? Pipes made an awesome difference on my Ultra. It is way fast and takes off like a rocket. Bad points: I have ripped up 2 tracks, and the pipes are rubbing some spots and melting some spots in the engine compartment. They are SLP pipes. I had Dyno Ports before, WAY LOUD! But fast as hell! They rubbed too, just different spots. My vote is for the pipes, stay with quiet ones, not only for everyone else's, for your own. My loud pipes drove me nuts on an all day ride!

remember this LOUD PIPES SAVE LIVES. LOL im kidding i have my 83 indy 600 piped and man oh man what a HUGE difference my pipes are not quiet but are not loud either but i cant even ride it now since i blew my clutch out friday grrrr

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try and get some feed back from riders of sleds like yours. They may hate their pipes or love them. I personally would go with ones that increase the dB's just a little, not where you can hear it idling two miles away!

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pipe it and plastic skis or skins.

Don't get too loud of pipes though and check around to see which pipes work the best for you sled year/make/model

I need spellcheck!

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Is'nt anyone gonna bite on XLR8's recomendation on blueprinting the chassis. It's the best thing you can do to a sled, especially a new one{recall the flunky sled prep guys} and its free if you don't find any thing out of order.when I first did my Cat it was a noticeable improvement!

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I would definitaly go with a plastic ski with a flat keel something like C and A.Not just for the loss in wieght but also to cut down on the powder flying. Loosen your limiter straps all the way to help that sled float. If your going to get pipes don't touch the clutch yet.If you do you'll just have to reclutch after you get the pipes anyhow. If your using this sled to ride the trails desregard this entire post.By the way studs are not necassarry in the powder they just add to rotating mass.Air box mod is another great thing but alot of people experience low end bog with this modification.If you do you will need to icrease your AIR jet size the one on the intake side of the carb.

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