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To stud or not to stud...that is the question?

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Well as you can tell by the title, you know my dillemma. I have the 2000 indy triumph 600 triple and am wondering the pro's and con's of studding. Also if i do consider studding how many studs? What pattern? I know that the # of studs depends upon horsepower but i can't find a HP rating for my sled. Too few will cause pull through and too many will also damage the track and rob power. Any opinions? Any suggestions on installation if i should decide to do so?

Thanks in Advance

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Hey Polaris-Man!!!!!
or anyone else that might have some insight. Any ideas on approximate horsepower of my 600 Triumph? Im really wanting to start ordering studs but im unsure of how many i should get, because i dont have any idea on horsepower. Is 96 enough? or should i go with 120 or 144? Also how do i attach the tunnel protectors? with pop rivets? Please help, im comin down with a serious case of the snow fever.


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Well i was thinking 96 in a v-pattern inside the rails like you suggested and when i went to pick up the studs from the dealer and told the service manager what i planned on doing, he was very serious when he said i should have "AT LEAST" 144 studs. He said that he has had this particular model come back with 96 very large holes in the track. So i guess im gonna go with the dealer and get 144 just to be safe.
Just got them out of the box, they are woody's gold diggers push through style. Aluminum backers and nyloc nuts. I believe they are 1 inch but not sure....i just bought what the dealer reccommended.

Yep that is was i was told, stud will tear out even if you have the correct extrem example i heard is that if you try to accelerate (spin track) on train tracks it will tear them out for sure...better to keep a constant speed or coast across pavement or other surfaces like that.

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