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To stud or not to stud...that is the question?

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Well as you can tell by the title, you know my dillemma. I have the 2000 indy triumph 600 triple and am wondering the pro's and con's of studding. Also if i do consider studding how many studs? What pattern? I know that the # of studs depends upon horsepower but i can't find a HP rating for my sled. Too few will cause pull through and too many will also damage the track and rob power. Any opinions? Any suggestions on installation if i should decide to do so?

Thanks in Advance

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I have hade experince with and without studs. I had A 1994 A/C Pantera 580EFI, I installed studs(~122) the second season. I was unhappy with the results. I ride in Mid to Upper Michigan and with the marginal snow we have had the studs wore out fast. The only time I liked them is when I was lake running. I now own A 1997 SkiDoo Grand Touring SE (triple-triple 700) without studs. I am muck happier without studs. Yes I do not get the hook up I would like out of the hole, but with the 136" track it is enough work turning without the studs and if you can't turn your nothing in the trails. Something you should also think about is a new track. A 1" track would be a great track for that sled. Price wise the track ~$550 and studs(dependind on how many) ~$450. Do you research, talk to people with both. If you do either you should increase the size of your wear bars to match.

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