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To stud or not to stud...that is the question?

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Well as you can tell by the title, you know my dillemma. I have the 2000 indy triumph 600 triple and am wondering the pro's and con's of studding. Also if i do consider studding how many studs? What pattern? I know that the # of studs depends upon horsepower but i can't find a HP rating for my sled. Too few will cause pull through and too many will also damage the track and rob power. Any opinions? Any suggestions on installation if i should decide to do so?

Thanks in Advance

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With 144 studs you should be running at least 6" of carbide on you r skis. If you run any less you will be pushing through the turns too much.
I run 192 stud and 10" carbides on my 800 cat. It handles like its on rails and the traction is so great the skis don't touch the snow till about 60mph !!!!!

Studs on the outside of the rails aid more in turning traction, studs on the inside give improved straight ahead traction.
Saber Traction has some good info on their Website about recommended numbers of studs and studding patterns. If its balanced you will see a great increase in the handling. I don't like riding un studded sleds.

1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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