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to stud or not to stud

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how many studs should i use on my '96 ultra and what kind of studs should i use.
i was told that 96 studs wasn't enough for the horsepower i have. does anyone have any input?????????
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Here is a similar topic on studs:

I was told that I should put at min. 120 in my 500 XC SP. It is rated at about 90-100hp about the same as an XLT. I not sure if saber studs are any good but i found some good deals at check it out.
Select sales is great. Get Sabers. BUT MAKE SURE THE PICKS ARE IN STOCK FIRST!!! We had a friend almost die because he ordered his picks from Select Sales they didn't come he went riding without them and slid off the trail. Bust ribs, his spleen, and punctured a lung. But we also got our studs for our Viper there and got them in about 4 weeks. We have also had friends order and get them 3 days later. Make sure the ones you want are in stock first!! And record the phone conversation they didn't believe us when we said that someone else told us they were in stock.
Sled Dog what studs did he have problems getting. I havn't ordered mine yet, kind of would like to know.
My buddy has 96 studs in his 2001 XC 500 SP, this is enough to get traction, has never been a problem for him. No studs have ripped out, and none are broken or bent.

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<BLOCKQUOTE id=quote><font size=1 face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" id=quote>quote:<hr height=1 noshade id=quote>Originally posted by jbjbjb4:

Sled Dog what studs did he have problems getting. I havn't ordered mine yet, kind of would like to know.

I believe he got sabers but they are good. My Uncles saber stainless steels lasted 2 seasons of hard riding. His sled stood the skis on demand too. We got sabers as well. Those are what I recommend but like I said call them and make sure they are in stock and you will be fine.
I had 72 on my 00 550 super sport. Supose tyo be about 75 hp. Tore out 6 within first ride. I ride agressive, and was recommended 96. I thought that was too many but was wrong. Put more in and rode all year no issues. sold the sled this fall with track as is. Great deal for the guy!

A friend had 120 on 440 xcr. no issues. I just put 144 of woody's 1.075 on my 02 600 xcsp. I would error for too many than too few.

Either use many or don't use any.
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