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Top end rebuild

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Hi Folks, I'm new to the board. I own a Harley shop and got roped into working on a customer's 2000 Ski-Doo MXZ 700. The sled melted a piston, it's rebuild time. Basically looking to replate (NIkasil) the cylinder bore and fit with Wiseco pistons. Any comments/suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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Welcome BillP, Should be a peice of cake for any one experienced in engine repair. nothing new here. I would comment to be sure the problem which caused the melt down (probably a lean out) is taken care of. The damaged Cylinder will have to go to a specialty shop. If memory serves me well , Wiesco's run a tighter clearance. Make sure your customer knows there must be an extended warm up period. No more start it and blast off full throttle.
Thanks, Hotrod. I'm going to strip down the carbs and look for problems. Do you know of any one selling performance jet kits for sleds? I'm a Dynojet dealer, but they don't have anything for snowmobiles
No I dont know of any "kits" the range of what people need depends on too may variables. Altitude, All the different stages of modifications. and temperature to name a few. Its pretty much trial and test i'm afraid. There is usually a sticker on the sled that gives you a good safe starting point for most elevations. they are usually rich by one to two sizes. I would, for your own peace of mind go to the factory setting at least till the break in is done. then try jetting down. One other thing I thought of regarding the Wiescos, on one of my triples the rotating mass lightened up so much that I had to recalibrate my clutches to acheive my proper shift out RPM. as far as where to get Jetting, dealer or aftermarket shop.
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