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Top speed for a 2003 polaris 550 super sport ?

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I have a 2003 Polaris 550 super sport and i was wondering what the top speed on it is? I havent had the time or place to open it up. So if any one has a idea let me know. also do u know any ways to give it more horse power? thanks
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Right around 90MPH. And to boost the HP you could put some twin pipes on it. They say that is the first step to a good sled.
Maybe 90mph on the speedo, The top end on those sleds are no more then 75mph. There is barely anything you can do to increase the hp on that sled, VERY few fan mods.
i agree with sledhead , my pro x only gets 80 mph in perfect conditions
hp is right around 60 maybe 65. top end should be around no more than 75. If you really want to find out ask Aspin, he has a supersport 550.
They do not make twin pipes for the 550 either..
I've seen a 550 super sport and can kick it's ass with a 488 indy trail. Allways been a little dissapointed with the 550 super sports. Top speed: about 75. 80 if good conditions.
Originally posted by 2000-ZR-600
[br]Right around 90MPH. And to boost the HP you could put some twin pipes on it. They say that is the first step to a good sled.
In your dreams. Try 75.
sorry to hijack this thread but what do you think an 04 Prox2 600 can do?
550 -70-75

an 04 Prox2 600 can do? 95
while we are hijacking threads lol, what can a pro X 440 do??
maybe 75-80 for the 440, pending the clutching and gearing. The 600 should do about 100 on good conditions.
you can post anything about your sled. Why don't you stay on topic for once.
Why can a 2003 Pro X 440 Fan do 75-80mph but a 2004 Pro X 550 can only do the same, is it just useless displacement?
I dont no about polaris but the pro x fan i think is set up for racing.
just to ask how fast is a xcr 440 and a xc 500
I have a 2003 xc 500 without ves on it and it can do about 100 on an icy road. Will do 95 on hard pack if you push it. Has good power all the way to 85. Even though i dont have the ves. Have a 1997 indy trail touring that will do 80 if you push it but that has a fan and it dosnt have anything for power.
my supersport 550 can beat my friends ski-doo summit 500 at top speed!
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