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Track Damage

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I have some holes in my track where some studs ripped out. Holes are approx the size of the washer around the stud.

Will this hole get larger? Can I repair it somehow?
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I don't think you should have any problems with it. I dont really know how to fix it either.

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They will get bigger ONLY if there is something caught in them and they are ripped. Eventually they will get bigger, over the course of a few years maybe. There are companies out there than repairs tracks, just go to a search engine and type in 'track repair'.

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Thanks for the information, trying to keep costs down as much as possible, hope to get 2 more years of use from this track.
My 95 XLT Special is studded. Two years ago i was in some powder, layed on the brakes real hard, and my studs suddenly touched a stump under me. It ripped out two studs, each in a different paddle. its been fine ever since and the holes havent gotten any bigger. There is nothing that you can fix it with. Tracks have too much stress and flexibility to fix.

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If the holes are not in the path of the wheels you should be alright. Suggestion, don't lock up the brakes on ice or hard pack! I did that with my old Cat last year at about 80 heading into a turn. Tore out 2 studs. Live and learn.

i ripped some studs out just goin down a to my destination, and my friend asked whats that green stuff comin from ur sled, stud went right through the heat exchanger. kinda pisses u off when u got a whole weekend of riding to do and cant....oh well...

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Check out Brian Carroll at Carroll Tech. He's the man for track

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