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Track delamination

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The 93 Indy Classic Touring my wife drives has a 2" by 5" delamination of the track in the middle. I was thinking of using a marine silicon adhesive to protect the cloth. Any ideas besides new or used track purchase?

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delamination wtf? cloth????? if you mean that the rubber/kevlar wore away so you have all the fibers and shit exposed then the only option is new track.
Hmm, it is right in the middle then? Does it seem to affect the drving any? I would maybe just try to patch it and see if that works unless the whole track is kinda wore down, then I would buy a new one or used one. Try the adhesive, see if that works first.

If you do have a delamination / separated it could just be a defect and 2"x5" came off. Silicone will not likely stick too well. I would try something more like 3M rubber adhesive, like they use to adhere rubber door gaskets on a car.
Very schepticle I think if it delaminated you will see more in the near future. If it is not a high milage sled chance it. If you can be stuck many miles out spend the $500 and retrack it.

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Thanks for the idea of the 3M rubber adhesive. I forgot about that product. The product I was going to use is not silicone but a one part polyurethane that chemically reacts with moisture. I used it on the swim deck of our boat. The down side is needs to be 77 degrees to cure and it takes 48 hours and 7 days for a total cure. I am going to check out the track further today for any other signs of wear or delam.. We stay mostly on the trails around the area and she doeasn't put high miles on it. I think I am going to chance it and see what happens. Got to go and pick up some new suspension rails for the 95 XLT today and install.
Good Luck!

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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