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track installation

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I'm installing a new track, Yes guys I finally bought one! There is an arrow on it, but it seems to me it is pointed in wrong direction for the way the lugs are "cupped" My wifes sled looks backward as well, as far as the cups go. Any idea what may result if you install a track the opposite of the arrow? Thanks for your input, it is always appreciated.

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Use the arrow as a guide ! I know what your saying though, but if you put it on backwards you will lose braking. And, by design it has more traction surface area when installed properly.

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Yes, put it the way the arrow says, even if it looks wrong, it is really the right way. Tracks also lose strengh when installed the wrong way.

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these guys are right, its just like a car tire that has the arrow pointing to the direction of forward rotation, you put it on backwards and you will not only loose braking, but its possible that you will be purchasing a new track in a little while, wear out faster.
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