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track is on!

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Finally have the track on! I thought I would ride it a little without studding it, Wrong! It is a piped Ultra with a few goodies. It stops really pretty good on the hard pack, but taking off is so squirelly and unpredictable. Can't wait ti get the studs back in. That 1"camoplast track is awesome, I just hope it holds up!

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What does a track like that cost? and how many studs are gonna run?

I don't care where we go, let's just ride....
That track retails for about $460 I was able to get it from a guy I know at cost, which was $306. Big mark up! I'm going to put 144 studs in the middle belt. A friend has a pattern using some double plates.

I also have an Ultra 96 sp with "goodies" What kind of pipes did you get? are they the quiet ones? if they are do they work well. I have obnoxiusly load ones that I must give up due to restrictions in my area but my pipes are the heart of the sled . I'm trying to find out if the quiet ones compare power wise.
Hot Rod, I have SLP pipes, quieter than Dyno's. I'd hate to have to give up my pipes also. The SLP's work pretty well, I didn't mind the switch from the Dyno's. What area are you in?

Ontario Canada, The restrictions are enforced in some of the resort areas of the north that I like to ride around Muskoka and Dorset. My pipes are the PSI modblaster II Lake race pipes, and they are LOUD! They claim an amazing 47 hp gain at 8600 RPM. and I believe its true. With all the other mods No other stock sled can beat me yet. Reached 89 mph in a 450' local grass drag competition this past fall. Do your SLPS claim a similar hp gain? Im not familiar with the Dynos you mentioned, so I dont have any thing to compare with to know how loud your SLPs are. Can you think of another comparison Thanks hotrod
Hot Rod, Those PSI"s are WAY louder than SLP's! I'm surprised you can stand to ride that thing! SLP's claim mid 40's HP increase, don't remember exact number. The Dyno's I mentioned are "Dyno Port" pipes. I believe they are quieter than PSI. Definitely a deeper sound. I have raced a few sleds around here, nothing serious. I have bbeat stock Mach Z's, ZRT 800's, T-Cat 900, Storm's and some XCR 800's. The T-cat claimed he was spinning the whole way, I say"doesn't matter, I crossed first!" I'm here in northern lower Michigan. What else have you done to your sled?

Picks obviously, legend trail dominator kit which includes reeds, bored and flowed carbs, domes, teflon coated helix, springs and weights, on top of that I have installed ufo's, e.g.t. gauges, torque stop, and a special motor mount plate from Legend. I also did some trick suspension work that gives me better weight transfer.
There is a fourth wheel kit and graphite slides. This sled is unbelievably quick and can bury the needle with 3/4 throttle. My victim list include all of the new 800 twins, and any of the 800 triples including my own 2000 XCR800, any T- cat on the trail so far, but the day of the grass drags when I did the 89 mph blast a 1000 open mod t-cat got the fastest of the day at 93 mph.This sled has over ten thousand hard miles on it.I know theres faster sleds out there that mine, but this thing continues to amaze me.
Hotrod, I thought about that Legend TD kit. Do you think it made a big difference? I've heard good and bad about Legend. His shop is only an hour from here. I stopped and talked to him once and he really thought highly of his stuff. What kind of suspension mods did you do?
Not the kind of difference pipes make but it did make a difference. Everything works together as you would hope. The bored and flowed carbs work with the pipes for awsome top end. the Domes and reeds work together for strong bottom end. When I added the UFOs my midrange improved alot. the motor plate and torque stop hold everything in place and together.I will give you an example of the last race I had on snow and if you find someone similar race him and compare what I tell you. It was a freind of a freind on an 2001 ZR800 It was a light green one and Im pretty sure it was carbed. We raced on a lake for about 1000 to 1200 feet. When we took off he hooked and I spun. He got a full five lengths on me. so far that I almost gave up. I finally hooked and was able to catch him and beat him by about five lenghts. Because he got such a good start, he couldnt use any excuses. He didn't even ask for another race. If you can do that sort of thing too then dont waste any more money, just enjoy. The suspension changes include revalving the front track shock to act like a 90/10 drag shock on a car. and moving the rear stop to a new hole which I drilled.
I forgot to tell you I also have a bigger sprocket on the top, Just one tooth.
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Do you trail ride that monster? My sled came with the 2nd hole in susp, that is where mine is at as well. I have V Force reeds on my sled already. I was going to quit racing my sled, but, talking like this has me wanting to go back for more. I rode my sled on the trails sunday without studs and thought about not putting them back in. It really hooks up on the trails. I'm not sure what to do. I have 144 new 1.175's sitting here. I'd really hate tear up another track. I had a bigger gear on my sled before I piped it, big difference on bottom end. The guy's told me to put the stock gear back in when we put the pipes on. HHMMMM, maybe I should put it back in and give it a run!

Hi Runner , Its fun talking about this stuff with someone who actually believes me.Most of the people I try to tell (especially the other brand guys ) just kinda go yeah yeah what ever. Then theres the ones that raced me. They never say anything to my face, but end up telling other people not that I beat them; but, that that machine is quick. Heres the wierd thing. Because the Ultras got over 10000 miles all of them piped ,I decided to get something new rather than rebuild. I figured that the ultra would have around 155 hp. So I goes out and gets a 2000 XCR800 with 164hp. The thought was I would have similar power with out all the mods and noise. wrong! The 800 is only as fast as the 800 twins. Two cheap things you could do that make big differences are UFOs(warning hard to set up) and the extra Torque stop. Talk to ya latter. hotrod
Hotrod, I know what you mean about people believing you ;) I have a buddy that had a mxz 670 w/ ufo's, pipe, some porting done and clutching. he thought it was fast until...... well you know, all of a sudden it wasn't running right. He has done the ufo's, he'd probably help me figure them out. Is that torque stop in addition to the one that's already on it? I worked at Polaris shop in 2000 and put some of those XCR 800's together. What I liked about them was how smooth they are. My sled will throw you back in the seat and take off, kind of grunty. The XCR just smoothly took off. Good and bad I guess. I thought of a new sled as well, I'd like a XC 600 or 700 SP. Keep my sled and kind of go a little crazy with it. Maybe a big bore kit. If I had the money maybe a Genesis 1500:)

Genesis ! erh erh erh. (Thats my Tim the tool man grunt). To answer your Question, its another torque stop that goes from the two predrilled and tapped holes on the front of your motor to the shock tower. Im hopeing that Someone will join the forums that can answer some of my performance questions regarding the 800. I posted several times before but not too much came back. I'll try again soon. Hows that track working, I know the neighbour with the new MXZ-X800 gets much better loose snow traction with his 1" lug track than I ever do. I bet it works good on the lake snow conditions.
Hotrod, I've ridden once with new track:( It seems to work realy well, especially on the trails and lake situations. Evry 3rd window is closed, has a 3rd less clips in it = alot lighter. I'll have to look into that torque stop. We did some work on those 800's, I'll have to try to remember what we did to them. Talk at you later,

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