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track replacement

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Hey, I just discovered this site, it seems like a great place! I have a 89 Yamaha Enticer with a 136" track, I need to replace it with another one I found at a wrecking yard, is there some one who could kind of walk me through the steps necessary to change this out? Haven't ever done this before (obviously!) so would appreciate a little help/advice. Thanks!
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Drop the rear skid out,take the chain case cover off and gears out,then on the other side take off speedo hookup and bearing cover off.Then slide ddrive shaft to the right drop out left and pull out.I'm not sure if thats exactly right but will get you close enough to figure it out.good luck,later rpm
I dont know if this will help you but Im going to give it to you anyways. I have a 1990 Enticer 400 LT. I used this site to figure out how things come apart and go together until I find a manual.

Hope it helps


Thanks for your help- after figuring out that I had been sold a 133" track instead of a 136" track, ( 2 hours of struggling trying to make it fit and not knowing how to tell the length) I think I've got it! Ran out of time yesterday, but I'm sure it'll be OK. This site is going to be a good place for me!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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