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Track studding on Indy 500

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I'm looking at studding the track on my indy 500. How many studs should I put in. With low HP machines is it possible to overstud?
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You should find a pattern that will work on your track first so you know where to drill the holes. Is it 96 or 94 studs (i always forget.) Thats what you should use if your just normally riding your sled. With a 500 it should work fine. Just dont get studs that are to tall or to short.

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i would go with 96 studs. thats what it is ryan. I stumbled across a website todday that u could make ur 500 have over 90 horse then i might go with more

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I'd also go with 96 studs, and shorten your limiter strap a little bit, as to increase ski pressure so you can still steer.

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