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I have a 97 polaris ultra 680 spx- the book says track tension should be 3/8 1/2 10 lb weight 16in from rear idlers. The mechanic at the shop says you can leave it hanging about a 1" to 1 1/4" from sliders in mid track without even hanging 10 lbs and that is how he sets them up. Well I have about a 1/2" without hanging the 10 pounder . I will not be riding til' janurary 11, 2002 so I have not test drove it yet, just wondering if others do the same. leaving their tracks with more deflections then specs.

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i adjusted mine the way the book says, and it seems just fine but ive heard people here say looser is faster, but im sticking with what the book says. i think more than anything its a judgement call.

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I run mine with a little bit less tension then spec, only because my slides last a bit longer and because if the track only sags 1/2" with 10 lbs. of weight, i sometimes think that is just too tight for trail riding. That's my judgement.

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When i put my new track on I had about 3/4" between the sliders and the clips at the lowest part, with no weight. It never ratcheted on me. After putting roughly 160 miles on it, the track is now worn in and stretched a lttle and hangs probably 1.5" at the same point. Still has never ratcheted. Heres a few quotes from when I asked about setting track tension for my sled:

About an inch with no weight, or as loose as possible without racheting.
You will get better gas mileage and top end and your sliders will live
longer that way. Just don't do "doughnuts" or you can derail the track if
an edge catches. Been doing it that way since way before I owned a new
92XCR ;-)

Rob in Vermont

The Polaris manual says to use a 10# weight 15" in front of the rear
axle,and you should have 3/4" of space between the track and the
bottom of the hyfax. But I have found that to be way too much
tension, you just loose top end speed and burn through your hyfax in
about 1/3 of the time. Now I just adjust for about 1/8 to 1/4" of
space with no weight.
The tension is even when it run with even space between the sides of
the track clips and the sides of the hyfax on both sides of the sled.
Raise the rear of the sled on a stand, give it enough throttle to spin
the track at a moderate speed, then let it coast to a stop. Look
through the track windows or from inside. Some people measure, I just
eyeball it. Add more tesion on the side that is too close.
John Schnettler

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