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trailer tire

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i have 40 psi in my double wide trailer tire. it says 50 on the tire. at 40 it is rock hard. what do you people use for pressure?

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Is that with a load? 50 on the tire is the max safe level with a max tire load. 40 is plenty when the trailer is empty. I used to build 2 place trailers for a company. Personally, i check my trailer tires whenever i put a load on them. Otherwise use good eye judgement on how much the tire is squatting and adjust accordingly. For a smoother ride, let some air out when it's empty and it won't bounce over every little bump.
nothing wrong with 40lbs. You are checking them cold right? they will under-read when they warm up.

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I run mine at 42psi one of my sleds is 97 ultra spx se 680 in like a lead weight.
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