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Well, we made it back from our trip. We were originally going to leave from home here but one of the guys had to pick up his sled in Yrokton, so he and I trailered to Madge where the other guys met us. They met us Friday at 11 am. We rode out of the park and up to Pelly, then across to Norquay and North. The snow around Norquay wasn't quite what we have at home but was good. Just north of Norquay my saddle bag broke so we had to tie it on. We then proceeded to Boiler junction and finally to our destination for the night Moose Range Lodge. The trail from boiler junction to Moose Range was very rough but they are supposed to groom it Today. The folks at Moose range treated us excellent and cook a mean steak.

Saturday dawned pretty cold, but we headed out to Hudson Bay. Since the trail was rough we decided to ride the road north to Armit, then hook up with the trail to Hudson Bay. This was an excellent idea as it was very smooth and riding in about 3'-4' of powder (Not bad for Sask). we got to Hudson Bay around 11, checked into the hotel and headed out North. We wanted to come down the trail that goes into Greenbush, but the trail was blocked by old rail cars, so we turned around and double timed it back to Hudson Bay. After Supper we headed down to the Fir river and did some awesome powder riding/carving and some hill climbing.

Sunday morning, we headed out south back home. We wanted to swing past Mcbride Lake, but somehow we missed out corner so we picked our way through the bush following old cutlines. Some of which hadn't been used since hunting season and had at least 1' of powder. We were nip and tuck on gas to Norquay so we were taking it easy. Good thing as it turned out to be 120 miles. Filled up and headed back to Madge where we rode the park trails. Total miles 500.

All in all it was an excellent trip, and I can't wait to get back. I have pics, but since I don't have a digital camera, it'll be a week or two. (Sorry so long, but I am still pumped about the trip)
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