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Triple pipes for 96 Polaris XLT

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I know triple pipes give you a better sound and are supposed to increase hp, but if I want more speed, would it be better to jet and clutch or would a set of pipes be worth it? I don't want to go to crazy with mods but I do want some. Thanks for your help.
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Clutching will give you some additional top end you’re looking for. I can tell you there’s nothing like the sound of a triple, but, you will get an awful drone that can become tiring after a while of running at high speeds with triple pipes. There’s also a good chance of cylinder burn down if not tuned correctly to the pipes. The XLT is a good motor if maintenance is done and the engine is left close to stock. Personally I don’t think you are going to build much of a racer out of an Indy…..unless you at least start with an XCR.. B.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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