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Triton Trailer Problem

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Has anyone had a problem with the tilt hold up spring braking? I have heard of two others, there are 2 springs and on mine one broke.Could there be a recall on this if there are a lot of problems? It's only 1 year old.

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LOL good luck getting them to do anything. I have a 94 triton aluminum four place trailer . and it used to have these nifty coiled up safety cables.. they lasted almost two years. I was tugging the trailer around the farm and did not latch the ball. and it bounced up off the ball and the cables broke. I was going maybe 5 miles per hour. and the trailer was EMPTY. When I looked at the cables closely. they were rusted inside the plastic coating. So I was concerned. and Called Triton. They replied to me that I was the first that they have ever heard of having that similar problem. They offered to sell me a set od CHAINS, as we no longer use the cables. I just laughed at them. and put my own set of chains on it.

If it ain't broke don't fix it!
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