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??? TWIN PIPES FOR 2001 XCF SP 440

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i need SOMEONE... to help me find some twin pipes for my 2001 xcf sp 440...i am desprit! HELP ME! haha i would be very thankful if someone would tell me where i could order a set! thanks[red]Text[/red][yellow]Text[/yellow][red]Text[/red]Text
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9 HP peak increase with strong midrange torque and horsepower.
Includes heat shielding for consistent performance, Y-pipe, Era 2000 silencer and mounting hardware.
PRICE :$399.95

All prices listed are retail, please call 1.888.462.7669 for lowest price available

these would most likely fit jusr give them a call. the website is
Im sure youve allready considered this, but just thought I would let you all know what I heard.This weekend in the Dorset area Ontario Canada people were being pulled over for noise. When they stopped you if you even had a noisy can installed they would fine you $110.00 .One guy got stopped at the begining of his trip fined and when he returned later that day was stopped and fined again by the same man. When he complained he was told that there was zero tollerance and if he rode through there 100 times he would recieve you guessed it 100 fines. I love my pipes on my Ultra but I think that time is ended in Ontario.
That sounds really gay for being pulled over for noise? what the hell is wrong with people these days. I never get pulled over for noise and my pipes are the loudest in town. Is there such a law? But anyways i would put pipes on anyways. Not to annoy people but to increase hp. If you get pulled over on a snowmobile for being to loud then why aren`t they pulling over these people with hot-rods and 1200 watt stero systems? Sounds to me like the cops are just being assholes.
I hve never seen anyone pulled over for noise here. We have the loudest of everything here. Loud snowmobiles, loud cars, and loud 5000 watt stereo systems. Those noise laws are just stupid!

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The noise is fine during the day but it sucks at night people just get pissed off!
Hey guys dont shoot the messenger. Like I said Ive got PSI modblaster II lake race edition pipes on my Ultra. Ive run them for three seasons You should see the mixed reactions when I pull into a gas station and the noise reverberates off the asphalt. Anyway the post was just for information and I am going to move to ericks town.
Hey guys, I'm all for high HP and the performance gains that pipes deliver. But, we all know that most land that trails run through in the midwest is available only because the land owner has given their permission. When that triple-triple screams by their house at 3 am pushing 9000 rpm at 100 db, the land owner tends to get a little aggravated. Next thing you know, permission is denied to use their land, and the club is looking for another way to connect the trails. Gay, lame, or unfair as it may be, I'd rather have a place to ride a quiet sled than zip around my yard on my loud sled. Many of the manufacturers are making pipes thtat increase HP while keeping stock sound levels. Louder is not always faster. Just my opinion.
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