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Two Questions: Weak Spark and Adjusting the Ride

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Question 1:

1977 Skiddo Olympique 340. I have basically done alot of work on this thing. Now I have another problem with it. I had it running and the next day I tried to get it running. It seemed like only one piston was fireing. I tested for spark. The spark plug closest to the pull start (I guess that would be mag side) was strong blue. The one closest to the clutch side (Im guessing PTO side) was light blue, actually a weak, light blue.

So here is my question, Am I right in saying that there might be two problems with it 1. coil or 2. Points and/or timing?

Question 2:

1989 Yamaha Enticer 400 LT. I want to adjust the rear suspension, I dont have a manual for it. I have looked at Ronnies page and all that is there is a 1990 Enticer (which looks exact same) but nothing about the shock in the middle back nor the adjustment holes that are near the back of the machine. I want to adjust it for more stiffness. It is way to soft right now and I constantly bottom out with it. If anyone know what I need to adjust or has a picture or hand drawn example for me I would appreciate it. Thnx
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Hi guys, Just bumping this question. Hope someone can help me out on this
Well in answer to the first part of your question, i would say some possibilities for your weak spark could be

1. Coil
2. Points & Condensors
3. Spark Plug Wire
4. Spark Plug Boot (or cap)

Timing will not affect spark intensity, it will just affect when it gets there. I would first start with swapping the coils from side to side and see if the weak spark is now on the other cylinder. If it is, now change the spark plug wire AND cap to see if the weak spark is gone. And finally if the wire and cap didnt fix the problem, its time for a new coil.

If the weak spark didnt change cylinders, look for points and condensors being the problem.

Also make sure you still have good compression in both cylinders, and that you have no air leaks in your crank seals or intake manifold leaks.

Hope this helps at least a little

Polaris is my way out - Other people just use a door.
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Thnx for the info. Ill check that stuff out right away. I replaced the caps and wires with new stuff. NGK caps and new wires. So I will switch the coils to see how that goes.

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