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UFO's (Ultimate Flow Optimizers)

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Anyone out there have Ultimate Flow Optimizers in their carbs? I recently bought an '89 Indy 500 with a long track and an M-10 that has twin trail pipes, and UFO's in the carbs.

The little bit of riding I've done thus far (about 10 miles with the crappy snow conditions in the Twin Cities), the low and midrange on the 500 seem incredible (better than my XLT), which is what the UFO's are supposed to do. But, I've noticed it seems to be a bit finicky to start and keep running after it's been running for a little bit and then shut down. It's a bit tough to get started again.

Any input? I know with the UFO's changes were made during installation to the jetting, etc. I know next to nothing about jetting. Anyone have any input?

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UFOs? sorry don't really know what they are.
I thought I just saw another post about these. Some people say they work wonders on some sleds, other say for other sleds, they don't work one bit and are bad. I dunno where to begin, I have never used them.

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ufo's? i'd tell you all i know about em, but the government keeps me pretty tight lipped about em. ever since roswell.......
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Hey guys, i was the one who posted about them. I also have a indy 500 and wanted to put them on. I didn't really get much response about them but i heard that the are incredible!!!!!! if you tune them right and they take a long long time to tune. I believe that you sled being finiky could be in relation to the pipes. Because an indy 500 is a trail sled, and pipes are more for higher HP sleds. also the UFO's can outpreform flatslides if they are set up right. But if since the UFO's need lots of tuning, and the pipes need some too. Then that could led to the finikyness of your sled, expecialy since its an indy 500 and not more of a preformance sled.
UFO's made a HUGE difference to my 500. I did some more tweaking over the weekend, and it seems to be fine as long as you let the sled warm up (and let the pipes get good and warm) before you try to take off.

UFO's made a HUGE difference in low-end and midrange. If I crack the throttle, the skis come off the ground every time! (I think much of this is due to the M-10 squishing down), but my buddies cannot believe that I'm riding a 500 (custom painted, so nobody knows what is under the hood, and people refuse to believe me until I open the hood).

I called Thunder Products (manufacturers of the UFO's), and they gave me some tuning tips. After things are tuned, supposedly fuel economy is better, the jets work more effectively over a wider range of temps/altitudes, and obviously performance is better.
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