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I have a'96 ultra with stock engine. last year I put a 136"x 1 3/4 lug track under it. A friend did the same thing to his xc600 and had to change from 9T to 8T drive sprockets for clearence of the front heat exchanger. I did the same thing thinking the two sleds were the same, but mine didn't have the front exchanger. I still changed sprockets for the low end.
How much difference in gear ratio would the lack of one tooth make as far as clutching? Stock 10M weights seem way to light(9000+rpm), changed to 10AL and was better but still overreved.

can I change the top gear in the chaincase to counteract what the drive sprocket change took away(just spent 60 skins for lower option gear for reverse)?

Any help on this would be fantabulos
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