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Update About my Xlt 98 (that dont go fast)

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HI !
FInally, my clutch and driven clutch are totally stock. Belt deflection is adjusted. track is adjusted with enough free sag (at the limit). Carb and compression checked has mentionned in the earlier post. I dont know about the gear but im sure they are good. ALignement is ok but dunno about center to center but these engine are fixed and cannot be really adjusted like Ski-doo SO, its not the problem

NOw im pretty sure that its cuz this sled cannot run as fast but hell, he can reach 80 mph easily and i know he have the power to run faster but i cant

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if all that checks out as well as you say, it's time to check compression. My wifes 96 XLT fly's up to 85 and gradually goes to 100 (on the speedo). It is bone stock. I'm not a big believer in buying used sleds. I live in northern Mich. I see what conditions those people from downstate ride their sleds in. It's like "I PAYED $6000 FOR THIS SLED AND I'M GOING TO RIDE IT" mentality. Sorry you are having problems with your sled. I still believe the belt needs to be adjusted, just my 2 cents worth.

I disagree with you Runner,with the care that I give my sled,like most owners on this board, you would be lucky to receive a sled that I owned.

Anyways, it's time to have a professional look at your sled fortress.

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hmm, the only thing you say you haven't looked at are the gears. Find the stock number of teeth and see if its way off. Wear or an excessivly tight chain could also be problems.

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fortress what rpm are you holding at shift out?

shanet, I feel the same about the people on this board. But, there are alot more riders than what are on here. Fortress' knowledge of sleds sounds very limited. I doubt he was able to look over the stuff that needed looking over on that sled. Didn't mean to ruffle any feathers, just my observation of alot of sleds riding on 2" of snow and a winter working in a sled shop.

Yes, I agree Runner, I buy used sled because I know what to look for, I guess not everyone is like that. Maybe we can put together a checklist for used sled buyers with limited knowledge on what to look for when buying one. What do you think Administrator? Maybe a new folder that has a Buyers guide to used sleds checklist?

Shane T.

He who loves not his country can love nothing
well i agree, i think a buyers guide checklist would be a good idea....but i think most of us take great care of our sleds, i bought my 93 xlt sp used, but one of the main things that cought my eye was it had the motor rebuilt, but as far as anything else, i have found some things that were needin attention- had loose bolts on the top of the front shocks, and a few in the suspension, but ive since fixed those problems. i will see what i can come up with for a check list and send it to pman or erick

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Take vmaxyam's advice and check to see what RPM the sled is turning at WOT. If I remember correctly stock Polaris triples needed to run at 8300-8500 RPM, check this number out it has been years since I have wrenched on other people's stuff but I think it's close. Also you can take a marker and run a black line up the face of the fixed sheeve of the primary clutch. Go out and run WOT for a few seconds and see how much of the line has been removed by the belt. If the clutch is shifting properly the line should be almost completely removed. Let us know how it works.
Fortress, How did you check the clutch alignment? Did you use an alignment tool?If you didn't, your not really sure.The reason I'm asking is that your statement on center to center shows you need more info on the job your doing.I've heard it many times before; "My alignment is fine." only to put a guage on it and find it wrong or the person say ;"Whats that." to my guage. Also, every sled ever built can have its center to center adjusted .It may take anything from shimming the motor mounts to moving the jackshaft.Do the magic marker trick, and verify the gear count and let me know I will be glad to help any of the Brothers Of The Snow!!! ...OUT

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