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Update... My Polaris XLT 98 (Fortress)

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First, Sorry for making a new topic. I just want to make sure that people who helped me read this.... Big THX all of you for your help and sorry for my english again

Yesterday, I took along my sled in a guy whom I know and repair snowmobile (half the cost :) ). We checked the compression. Compression is 115 on the three cylinders. Carburator checked and calibrated.No worn part in the clutch or the driven clutch. BUT its write something like 1993 or 93 in it. Whats that???

Driven CLutch, no worn part or damaged. THe spring is set with 9lbs. It is the correct setting for this sled???? Also The guy said to me that the track isnt the problem but i can easily have 1 inch of free sag. One guy said to me that i need to put 15 pound of pression to have 1 inch but its not what i have.

I have take a mark with a marker on my clutch to see if the belt drive work correctly. The marks is worn off except for less then 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch from the top of the clutch on the primary. Maybe its my spring that are worn. Well, Its not that i want to run as fast as 100mph but if my snow can reach this and i c'ant, its cuz i have a problem and don'T like that.

I have try another time yesterday to check my top end speed. The temperature outside was very hot, -1 Celsius. I have reach 86 mph at 7950 RPM but in a very very long distance. But i have try this in colder day and the same result appeared
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Guys correct me if i'm wrong but shouldn't his belt be riding all the way up in the primary removing all of his marks he made????? I think either you have the wrong belt, or your belt is worn out. Go to a polaris dealer and get a polaris belt for the machine, at the very least you will end up with a good spare belt. Also check your belt deflection and make sure your clutches are aligned.

Polaris is my way out - Other people just use a door.
its what i think me too, that the belt need to go all the way up. But its a Polaris belt on it and the belt isnt damaged but i will check for make sure i have the good one
Hey guys, what you think about this???

"...The lack of power from the XLT limited is not only normal its what its acronnym name implies, Xtra lethargic tripple. I have a 97' XLT limited which means limited power beyond lethargic, 34mm baby carbs. Friends with the XLT HO with 38 mm carbs walk all over it as well as a plethora of 500LC powered sleds as indy 500's. I top out 2 82mph under best lake conditions, I'm 250. The other XLT's HO's I ride with with 38mm carbs go 90mph. There was a race with 600CX last year that left me in the dust, big difference..."
I don't care much for that opinion as my XLTs have 34s and I do 90mph no problem, quite quickly even with 2" tracks and stock gearing. Sounds like he needs more tuning to me.

I think.... therefore I sled
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