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I got the engine to start now it wont idle and the throttle responce is still a little doggy.I think i should start with bigger pilot jets or air screw turned in?What do you guys think.Still NO AIR BOX is this a problem also.Thanks
The dual carbs i put on have these jet sizes.
piston valve 2.5 3.0 2.5
jet needle 6DH2-3 6DH7-4 6DH2-3
main jet 280 310 330
Needle Jet p-4 [480] P-4 [166] P-2 [480]
PILOT JET 30 30 40
The stock single carb has these jets above center.Above right is the 32mm jets from the 2000 Sno Pro F/C 440.
The 34mm carbs i put on have a magnet in them for a magnetic switch.I took the switch off the carbs,but magnets are still in the carbs.Could this be a problem?
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