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Updating a 99 SRX 600....Help!

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For a buddy..... Clutch, exhaust and suspension? What can be done with the clutch for performance and all the others as well? Any help would much appreciated. Thanks Mark in Ontario
1 - 8 of 8 Posts check them out. They have pipes clutch kits and such. All right well the site is down right now but check it out later.

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Here's another:

I think.... therefore I sled
Two '94 Indy XLT SKS
You can find parts at just about any high performance place. Look around and compare prices.

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The SRX's drive belt really doesn't ride high up on the clutches, take em'off, take them to a shop you trust and shave approx. .015" off. Shorten the rear transfer rods about 3/8". You'll be amazed what just that will do that machine. Found this out by spending a week with a Yamaha Racing Team mechanic
98-99 SRX600 Trail

53/43 Helix, stock weights w/4.5g rivet in 1st hole and 4.5g in tip, stock springs.

98-99 SRX600 Racing

45/41 Helix, 8-bu w/2.4g in tip, pivot hole empty, g-w-g primary spring & silver secondary spring at 70 Degree twist, 20/40 gearing, jetting:142.5,142.5,145.

98-99 SRX700 Trail/lake

48/42 Helix, 89a-10 w/4.5g rivet in 1st hole and .8g in tip, 2-3 engagement shims, b-w-b primary spring, stock secondary spring.

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Hauck Sells speed sheaves which is just a different sloped primary sheave. Have one on my dad's viper suppossed to get for MPH out of it. Haven't been able to get on a lake to test yet.
every link on ever site linking to hauck links to but that doesn't work anymore(it used too) try this one it works
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