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upstate ny

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any snow in upstate ny, tughill or any other place?
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nope :( its like 45 all week in Big Moose NY. My dad is headed up to Old Forge for Snodeo next weekend. They aren't taking the sleds just going to watch the racing and such. He wants to first hand see the difference between viper triple pipes and stock. But like I said no snow yet

/me cries
The 1st of december was sunny and 60 degrees here in the catskills.I hope the snow comes soon, or I may lose my mind.

normal people are boring, mean people suck
There has to be a reason there is no snow? Who is tricking us? this is a cruel joke. I wonder where they could be hideing it all?

"Meaningless Ride"
I'm looking for guys that ride NYS and like to ride hard?! I live in NJ but ride "Every weekend" any gamers? let me stress, "Like to ride HARD"
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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