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Used sled

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I'm currently looking at a 1996 xcr 600 in excellent cond. with triple pipes and approx 2900 mi
how many miles can you expect to get out of it before a rebuild, should I be concerned with engine longevity with aftermarket pipes. what is this sled worth?
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Please, no posting i the wrong forum. This should go in the "general" forum since it states there that if it don't fit anywhere else to put it there. Anyways, to answer your question...The xcr ( I always have thought) has been a pretty good engine. Lots of power. I wouldn't really worry about it having pipes and all. If the guy didn't ride it hard before you, it should be fine. You can barely ever estimate how many miles you can get on an engine before a rebuild. It depends on too many factors. Mabye Polaris-Man knows more on this stuff, he is an xcr man. I am not...he he.

As erick said i would not worry about the fact that the sled has pipes. What i would worry about is the way the previous owner rode, maintained, and cared for the sled. A buddy of mine had a '96 XCR with close to 10,000 trouble free miles which he owned since it was new. It finally broke down on him so he bought another just like it. This last one he bought used from someone, it only lasted till 5,400 miles and decided to blow. It all depends on who owned the sled before you. Obvisouly if it has been taken care of, it can last a long time. As far as price goes it again depends on how well it was taken care of.
When you buy aftermarket pipes, you have to change carb settings to compensate, you can't just bolt on triple pipes and go, that is a sure way to toast the engine.

But, if everything is adjusted accordingly, and the machine only has 2900 miles (supposing the speedo cable has remained attatched since new
) do a compression test, if all cylinders are good, it's probably in good shape, but if the guy who owned it first abused it, it will most likely die sooner. But if it was cared for, it should last a long time (usually around 10,000 miles)

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