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ok, Im not a no it all I am a dairy farmer with a mechanical back ground in john deere. I have worked on variable cluthes that wiegh more than some sleds and helixes that are bigger than the primary clutch

used sleds
compresion: the number isnt that important unless it is very low what you are looking for is how each cylinder compares to the next, ie:130,132,128 that could be a triple that has a lot of miles in it put a little oil in the bore and redo the test a modest little jump is normal

then dont be scared to bring your warm up stand and run the sled on the stand listen, look, smell remember all sleds are different cold some need 30sec to warm up others 5minutes then ride it if you can
find a friend with the closest to it to comapare to
ask why there selling and what they are getting and why are they selling because they have a lemon or what remember you work hard for your money take time to do a little research on the sled and dig into the owner a little if they are selling a lemon the more they say the more the truth might come out repeat questions in a different way after a few other questions
happy hunting
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