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V-force reeds?

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Are v-force reeds worth the money? Do they increase your acceleration a lot? Please help!
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I just read an article in SnowTech magazine on this subject. They say that reed are more beneficial to larger engines than smaller ones. Also, you'll get more out of the reeds if other mods have been done. According to the article, they would not put reeds in a stock or next to stock sled that is a 500 or smaller. Yet on a 700 or 800 they seem to consider it a given. I do not have V-Force reeds on my '00 XC700, but my next one will.
I have a 1999 Polaris XCF. What kinds of mods does it say the smaller sleds should have to get reeds?
Your motor is a piston port motor with a small reed assist. It has a steel reed in it right now but is a very small one. I don't believe that V Force makes a reed for your engine.
Your engine is a pretty high output engine right now. The only mods that would help would mean getting into the engine pretty seriously. Higher compresion, porting, or twin pipes. More compression would mean race gas, and the other mods would lose some of your bottom end.

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what are some other mods i can do to my sled to increase my acceleration?
I have a stock 2000 MM 700. Would it be worth it to put reeds in?

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I put v-force reeds in my ZRT600 and it seems snappier than before. My buddies have noticed it too. It's got triple pipes on it, so I think it really likes the reeds. One person suggested that I modify the airbox, but more than one said it wouldn't be necessary on my particular sled. I haven't done it...yet.

Now would a different after-market reed perform the same, for less money? I guess I'll never know. I figured that if there were better reeds available, then all the sno-cross racers would be using them instead of v-force, but they're not.

I recommend you look at pipes and clutching for improving performance before spending money on new reeds.
My friend had V-force reeds in his sled, and it makes a world of difference, 94 xcr with 2002 800 twin. tiwn pipes. makes 156 horse.

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