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When I bought my '96 ZRT 600, the kid gave me the remains of a set of V-Force Reeds he had bought for the sled. As you can see, 1 of them is intact, 1 is missing 1 reed (I don't know if this would be fixable or not), and 1 is well, parts. I have no reason to think that the intact one wouldn't work. The red stuff you see is some raspberry latte that my wife spilled in my truck because she "couldn't figure out how the cupholders work". Anyway, someone make me an offer. I'd be willing to give them up in exchange for a carb cleaning (3 of them, actually) that would involve freeing up 2 very frozen choke plungers.... Anyway, drop me a line at [email protected] or call Greg at 651-402-8822. Thanks!


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