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Vent Routing

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My 96 600 XCR has been assaulted by some backyard mechanic who attemted to remove and clean the carbs and totally screwed up the orientation of vent hoses etc. anybody know where I can locate a schematic on the web?I also read that it could be benificial to modify the vents to the air box.any ideas?
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cant help u with any web routing but i know ur dealer will make copies for u. good luck

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If it is the monoblock motor, I can help. the long vent lines go from the outside of the outside carbs and cross and go up the opposite sides of the handlebars (outside left line ends up on the right bar). The smaller lines with the check valves go between the three carbs. Just attach one on the left of one carb to the right of the adjacent carb. The check valves just hang down and are not attached to anything.

I hope this helps. If you still need help, I may be able to fax a page from my repair manual....sorry, no scanner.

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Hey ULtraGN THANX that is exactly what I was looking for on the vent routing.
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