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I am looking for some good snowmobile video to pass the time till snow flies. Prefer not to watch anymore motocross. Any one know of videos for sale and where to get them web sites, magazines.
No porn please I have plenty and know how to find that.

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The local snowmachine dealers here sell them. You might check the video rental stores. I just finished watching 2 Stroke Cold Smoke 1 and 2. Way cool. I heard SledNecks 4 is pretty awesome. Some guy does a complete flip on his sled after a few tries.


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check out the slednecks home page

I just ordered Slednex 4 on DVD....sweet!

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ive got 2 videos, 2000 polaris snowcheck, 2001 artic cat video does just fine when i cant ride
the whole 2scs series is excellent.
check out their website at

I will thanks for the reviews

"Meaningless Ride"
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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