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Well my buddy came over today and he had a few vids of me riding on his cell phone, figured I'd upload them and share. Nothin exteam just out havn some fun

That water STUNK.. it was only about 3 feet deep but had some gnarly mud at the bottem.. Im riding my rmk, the sled with the white hood and windshield is my sks.. was going to trade it to my buddy so he put his hood on it (hood my from old 98 xc 7) but then the top end toasted on it again so I have the sled back.. great.

and heres a few small jumps. we've litterly had almost no snow this year so there are no real good jumps in town and havnt gone to the mountains this winter.. weak! I was acually hittin it bigger the other day, but its on my other buddys vid camara, I'll see if he will upload them for me.

Hopfully we get some more snow~ Im tired of this 40+f weather [beatup]
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