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View on the 01 XC800 SP?

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I just bought an "out of the crate" 2001 XC800 SP for $5,899.00. I think it was a sweet deal. Is the sled worth the price? I haven't ridden in a long time and I have heard bad and good. What is the general opinion on this sled? ANY opinion is welcome. I have not had a chance to ride it and form a personal opinion. I will fill you all in when I get the chance.

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I think you got a good deal and I think you will love that sled. All of the XC's are powerful and ride and handle nice.

You got a great price.
Hold on tight if you haven't ridden in a while, the 800 pulls hard.
Can't go wrong getting an 800 for the price of a 600.

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That's an intense price for a 800. You will have fun with it.

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That is a great price on a 800. I had one last year and it was a nice sled, but there a few things to watch. The heat sensor on mine went out, it will retard the timing and all the engine does is bog. The ride on it is hard to beat, I only got to put 3200 miles on it last year!! I left mine stock and got beat by most of the 800's with valves, but it still gets up and goes. I think you will love it if you have not riden for awhile.
Great all around sled you should be happy. Only thing that i have heard bad about the sled is starting it. The 800 is pretty mean to start from what i have heard. The 2002 800's have a decompression hole casted into the cylinder to make starting it easier. But when she is running you better be holding on cause if your not the sleds gonna move and your gonna fall right off the back of it. Congrats on the SUPER BUY!!!!

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Good buy but they are suppossed to be REALLY mean to start. I lost faith in Polaris for releasing a sled that acn't be started easily in the cold. They had one at my dad's camp last year said it took 3 guys 30minutes to start it. Working the clutch and the pull starter and anything they could. Anyway Skippy the 2001 doesn't have valves??? I thought it did. I know the 700 didn;t at one point. I guess it makes sense the 800 wouldn't either. But doesn't SP denote having them? I mean in the XC 500 the XC 500 as no valves and the XC 500 SP has them.
Great price!
I agree with TCMC, an 800 for the price of a 600 or even a 500. If your 800 Polaris pulls anything like my 800 Cat your gonna have white knuckles all winter!

I have now riden the sled and YES, the pull is quite hard. I am surprised Polaris would let it go to the customer without some kind of fix. They fixed it for 2002. This sled is not for the faint of heart. Fortunately I am big enough to deal with the pull problem. My son is 13 and couldn't get it started until after I had it warmed up. If the pull is the only downfall on this machine though, then it is definately worth the extra effort. This machine rocks. No doubt about it.

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Last winter we were takin a trail break in a friends shop and he had a '01 800 xcsp there.He said"hey Stevie, go pull the recoil on that 800."Well I thought he was implying that it had decompression to aid the pull, and when I gave it a yank my hand slipped right off the handle and the rope didn't come out a bit!I was kinda embarrased, but yeah, that thing has some heller compression to pull against!
Dude, I can't believe the awesome deal you got on that machine, you lucky bastard!You're gonna love that fat ride!

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WOW! My uncle got his 2001 XC 700 for more than that last month! sweet sled, great torque, awesome handling. The only thing you are going to want to look out for is the brake noise and the HARD starting.

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I will second the hard starting part....A guy from town here that I know has one and last winter when it got down below zero, he had to pick the sled up with a truck because NOBODY and I mean nobody could even turn that thing a little bit.....kinda ruined his weekend for sure!!

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