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Vintage rocks!

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Was out riding with my wife yesterday and we came upon a couple guys with real new Cats. I couldn't tell the model, but they said one was a 2000 and the other a 2002.
The reason we came upon them was because the 2002 wouldn't go. It'd just sit there and smoke. It'd spin the track if you lifted it, but not sitting. By the time we got there they had been sitting quite some time (it was snowing and they were covered) We stood around with them for a bit and when I decided they were probably ok we split.
We went back about 30min later to check on them and they had gotten the 2002 going but now the 2000 wouldn't start. They were setting up to tow back to their truck (about 200 yards) at that point.
The guy got really pissed when I pointed out my sled cost $350. He said theirs cost over $9000 for the pair.
We rode all day without a hiccup.

Vintage rules!
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