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I called Tim, the owner of Infinity Raceway the other day, to see if he offered a vintage class at their SNOW drag facility. The answer was a definite Yes!! Due to the difference in attendance from race to race it is not listed in the everyday class list, but if enough vintage racers show, there will be a class.

After some discussion, Tim said, “How about a Vintage ONLY race day?” He suggested Saturday February 26, 2011.

This sounds pretty cool to me, since I only called to see if there was a vintage class, and come away with the possibility of a vintage only race day!!!

So, if there is any interest here is what we need to do……….
1. Check out the Infinity Raceway web site:
2. Click on “Infinity Forums” and register.
3. In the Sled-Hedz forum click “ICE, SNOW AND GRASS RACING! And put in your comments and interests under the topic “Vintage Snow Drags – Who’s Interested??”

I think this could be a really great time, as well as getting some more vintage sleds out there on regular race weekends.

Show your support, and we’ll see what happens.
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