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Viper Fuel Pump freeze

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Anyone heard of the fix for this? I know there is one I just can't remember what it is. My dad's Froze up for the second time. Even after a dealer did the recommend repairs to it.
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Correct me if im wrong here but I dont think gas will freeze on it own very easily. Must be some water in the gas. Use isoprophal (I know its spelt wrong) and maybe your source of gasoline is offering bad gas or non winter gas.
the fuel pump freezes up. We just fixed it. I will post a how to on fixing the problem in a little while. THe pump is mounted directly to a very cold piece of aluminum on the tunnel. And it has a breather type of wierd thing on the bottom. You have to plug that breather and shim the fuel pump off the tunnel. Like I said I will post a how to and what you need in a bit.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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